Inner Voice
An auditory sensation covered, whether subjective or objective,
by the term clairaudience. Clairaudience is usually conceived
of as a purely mental phenomenon. One interesting description
of the inner voice was offered by medium T. Herbert
Noyes, before the London Dialectical Society in the last century
‘‘I know that I should excite the derision of the sceptics if
I were to say that I have conversed with spirits after a fashion
which was asserted to be that in which spirits communicate with
each other—by an ‘‘inner voice,’’ which I could only compare
to the sensation which would be caused by a telegraphic apparatus
being hooked on to one of the nerve-ganglia—a distinctly
audible click accompanying every syllable of the communication,
which one could not say one heard, but of which one was
made conscious by a new sense, and which was clearly distinguishable
from thoughts originated in one’s own mind.’’