Institute for Anomalistic Criminology (IAC)
Specialized section of the Center for Scientific Anomalies
Research (founded 1981). The IAC was formed by Marcello
Truzzi to bring together behavioral science researchers and
criminal investigation experts concerned with the interface between
claims of scientific anomalies and criminal behavior.
Concerns include such diverse topics as ‘‘occult crime’’ (e.g.,
claims of Satanic abuse), use of psychics by law enforcement
agencies, spontaneous human combustion, involvement of ‘‘apparitions’’
in crimes, and correlation between lunar phase and
Address Center for Scientific Anomalies Research, co Dr.
Marcello Truzzi, Director, P. O. Box 1052, Ann Arbor, MI
Lyons, Arthur, and Marcello Truzzi. Blue Sense Psychic Detectives
and Crime. New York Mysterious Press; New York Warner
Books, 1991.