Institute for Yoga and Consciousness
The Institute for Yoga and Consciousness was established in
1985 at Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India, by K. Ramakrishna
Rao. Earlier, in 1967, Rao had been responsible for
setting up the Department of Psychology and Parapsychology
at the school, which became the center for the dissemination
of information about parapsychology in India. In 1977 Rao
moved to North Carolina to become head of the Institute for
Parapsychology. While there he became aware of the new interest
in consciousness studies. In 1984 he returned to India to
become vice chancellor at his former school. In that position he
set up the first Indian center to dedicate itself to consciousness
research with a special reference to yoga and the popular consciousness-altering
techniques developed by the various yoga
Rao became the first director of the new institute, but in
1987 he came back to the United States and again resumed his
leadership of the Institute for Parapsychology. The Institute for
Yoga and Consciousness continued its program of research in
consciousness and paranormal powers in the context of Indian
spiritual belief and practice. The institute also conducted a
practical program assisting individuals in using its findings in
a personal program of self-discovery through yoga, meditation,
counseling, and psychotherapy. Current address available.
Rao, K. R. The Basic Experiments in Parapsychology. Jefferson,
N.C. McFarland, 1984.