Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research
The Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research grew out of
the 1931 vision of Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, an Ohio Christian
minister who had absorbed insights from two very different
sources, the Sacred Name Movement and Theosophy. The former
had swept through conservative churches following World
War I (1914–18)with the idea that the Creator of the universe
should be called by the name He had revealed, Yahweh, and
his Son should be called Yahshua rather than Jesus. In 1931,
Institute for the Development of the Harmonious . . . Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Kinley claimed that Yahweh revealed his plan for the Ages, and
Kinley began to teach what he had learned. For that purpose,
he founded the Kinley Institute that later evolved into the Institute
of Divine Metaphysical Research.
The statement of aims of the institute are ‘‘To form a nucleus
of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity in Yahshua the Messiah
without distinction of Race or Nationality, Creed, Sex,
Caste or Color; To investigate the Unexplained Spirit Law or
so called Law of Nature and the Powers latent in man; To encourage
and promote the study of Scriptures, comparative Religions,
Psychology, Philosophy and Modern (practical and occult)
Science.’’ This statement was adapted from that of the
Theosophical Society.
In 1958, Carl F. Gross succeeded Kinley as head of the institute
and along with a group of Kinley’s students relocated its
headquarters to Los Angeles where for the first time it was incorporated.
Later he published Kinley’s primary text, Elohim
the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe. Yahweh had revealed
his pattern or plan previously to Moses, who embodied
it in the Hebrew tabernacle. It was later embodied in such
teachings as the Kabbalah, where it is pictured in the Tree of
Life diagram.
Yahweh appeared at various times in His super incorporeal
form on several occasions including to Moses (Exodus 24), Isaiah
(Isaiah 6), and at the mount of Transfiguration (Matthew
17). Yahweh is ultimately Spirit, without form. However, since
matter is simply condensed Spirit, Yahweh can take physical
form. He does this in a more general sense as the material creation,
but in a specific sense in Yahshua. Following his resurrection,
Yahshua continued in His ‘‘physical’’ form as the Comforter
(usually called the Holy Spirit).
Yahweh has acted in history though a series of ages or dispensations.
The last of these ages began with the resurrection
of Yahshua. The revelation to Kinley was to usher in the end
of this present church age, which should come to an end at
sometime around the end of the twentieth century.
During the 1990s, by which time the institute had developed
centers across North America, the headquarters moved to Florida
and new leadership emerged in the person of Dr. Kenneth
Haverly, III. The institute can be contacted at P.O. Box
536156, Orlando, FL 32856-6156.
Kinley, Henry Clifford. Elohim the Archetype (Original) Pattern
of the Universe. Los Angeles Institute of Divine Metaphysical
Research, 1961, 1969.