Instituto Argentino de Parapsychología
The Instituto Argentino de Parapsychología (Argentine
Parapsychological Society) was founded in 1949. Its foundation
came in direct response to the government’s establishment the
year before of the Institute of Applied Psychopathology with
the aim of studying the practices of Spiritualists and determining
if they were injurious to public welfare. The Parapsychological
Society had the support of the Spiritualist groups in
the country and included several outstanding Spiritualists, such
as José S. Fernández and J. Ricardo Musso, in its leadership.
In response to a growing membership, the society reorganized
in 1952 to provide both lectures and classes in parapsychology.
It also began the first Spanish-language parapsychological
journal, the Review of Parapsychology. During the next
20 years the institute, which had initially garnered the support
of several academics, helped spread interest in parapsychology
through the nation’s university system. Musso was given an appointment
to teach at the Littoral National University. Then in
the late 1960s the government began to reverse its support of
parapsychological research and by 1970 only one course remained.
The institute also had a program of public lectures
and nonuniversity-based courses for the general public. Last
known address Calle Ramon Lists 868, 1706 Domingo F. Sarmiento
(Haedo) Prov. Buenos Aires, Argentina.