Instituto de Estudios Parapsicológicos
The Instituto de Estudios Parapsicológicos (Institute of
Parapsychological Studies) was founded in Panama in 1982, the
first and only parapsychological research center in Central
America. The institute launched an expansive program of research
and education that included a series of public lectures
over the first three years of its existence. The research program
includes both controlled laboratory experiments and observations
of spontaneous psychic occurrences. As part of their
study, research programs of indigenous native groups have
been undertaken.
The institute had defined its task as the study of the nature
of the human being as revealed by psi phenomena such as telepathy,
clairvoyance, precognition, and psychokinesis. While
it began as a membership organization, that aspect was
dropped in 1985, and the institute now concentrates on research
alone. It may be contacted co Roberto Mainieri C., Instituto
de Estudios Parapsicológicos, Apartado 3335, Ancon,
Panama. Website httphealthclub.fortunecity.comhockey91