Instituto de Parapsicologia
Through the 1950s and 1960s parapsychology enjoyed the
support of the Argentine government and spread through the
nation’s university system. However, by 1970 that support had
been withdrawn and all of the courses in the subject had been
discontinued except those taught at the University of Salvador.
In response to the downturn of events, in 1972 several people
at the university founded the Instituto de Parapsicologia, modeled
on the Institute for Parapsychology created by J. B.
Rhine in North Carolina. The institute also began a journal,
Cuaderanos de Parapsicologia, modeled after the Journal of
Parapsychology. The work of the institute has been largely devoted
to attempts to replicate the work initiated at the Institute for
Parapsychology. Address Zabala 1930, 1712 Castelar, Prov.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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