George Van Tassel (1910–1978), one of the original flying
saucer contactees of the 1950s, also organized the annual conventions
of flying saucer believers at property he owned in the
California desert. The presence of a large monolith at the place
where the meetings were held gave his land its name, Giant
Rock. Correlative to his belief in flying saucers and that he was
in contact with extraterrestrials, Van Tassel also developed a
belief that he could use some of the ideas of Hungarian scientist
Nicola Tesla to create a rejuvenation machine. According to
Van Tassel, he was given the actual design of the Integratron,
which came to dot the landscape just a short walk from Giant
Rock, by the space brothers. Van Tassel believed that it would
become a focus of communication with them, and the completion
of the Integratron became an agenda item for the Ministry
of Universal Wisdom, the organization he founded to spread
the teachings of Ashtar and the other space beings with whom
he spoke. Research on rejuvenation and construction of the
building were placed in the hands of the College of Universal
The Integratron is a circular building 58 feet in diameter
with a domed top that gives it the appearance of a planetarium.
Inside is a giant static generator, the theory behind the machine
being that the creation of a large negative ion field, in
which an aging individual could be enveloped, would produce
the rejuvenation. This highly speculative venture was supported
by scientific works on the effects of magnetic and electrostatic
fields on various life forms. Van Tassel believed that
once completed, the Integratron would also allow time travel
and the nullification of gravity.
Van Tassel never finished the Integratron, due in no small
part to lack of funds, and following his death in 1978, all work
ceased. The building remained abandoned and unused for a
decade. However, at the end of the 1980s it was purchased by
Emile Canning and in 1991 it was renovated as a center for research
into new technologies for physical and mental rejuvenation.
Canning also began to hold pubic gatherings at the Integratron
at which Van Tassel’s ideas on rejuvenation were
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