International Academy for Continuous
Founded in 1971 by mathematician-philosopher J. G. Bennett
to propagate the Fourth Way work of Georgei Ivanovitch
Gurdjieff. It aimed ‘‘to achieve, in a short space of time, the effective
transmission of a whole corpus of practical techniques
for self-development and self-liberation, so that people could
learn effectively to direct their own inner work and to adapt to
the rapid changes in the inner and outer life of man.’’ The organization
was based in Sherborne House, a Victorian mansion
in the Cotswold countryside of Britain. Students studied psychology,
art, history, cosmology, and linguistics and practiced
spiritual and psychological exercises that were demanding at
all levels—mental, physical, and emotional.
After Bennett’s death in 1974 the academy expected considerable
changes, largely necessitated by the evolution brought
about by the inner and outer work of the students. In fact the
organization soon ceased to exist, though work in the Bennett
tradition continues in the United States through the Claymont
Society for Continuous Education.