International Association for Religion and
Parapsychology (IARP)
A psychical research organization founded in Toyko in 1972
by parapsychologist and engineer Hiroshi Motoyama. As early
as 1966 Motoyama has traveled to the Philippines to study psychic
surgery, and he began to develop a model of the unification
of spirit and science and to prove the non-physical basis
of mind. The association was founded to verify the reality of
paranormal phenomena and to provide a program for individuals
to clarify truths of mind, matter, and religious experience.
Above and beyond its research, the association holds yoga
classes, retreats and other programs, and maintains an acupuncuture
clinic. Demonstrating the truth and basis of acupuncutre
had taken a significant portion of Motoyama’s research
time. The association publishes a journal and a
newsletter in English. It may be contacted at 4-11-7 Inogashira,
Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001, Japan.
Motoyama, Hiroshi, and Rande Brown. Science and the Evolution
of Consciousness Chakras, Ki, and Psi. Brookline, Mass. Autumn
Press, 1978.