International Frankenstein Society (IFS)
Founded in 1980 by Dr. Jeanne K. Youngson as a division
of the Count Dracula Fan Club to bring together enthusiasts
of Frankenstein, the main character in, and title of, the novel
by Mary Shelley (1797–1851).
The society existed separately during the 1980s but has
since become a section of the Count Dracula Fan Club. IFS promotes
exchange of information; sponsors ‘‘ethical, social,
moral and educational activities mixed with good fun’’; and offers
a book search service for members. An IFS section appears
in the Count Dracula Fan Club Newsletter. The society publishes
the Frankenstein Gold Book of membership registration. Last
known address co Dr. Jeanne K. Youngson, 29 Washington
Square W., Penthouse N, New York, NY 10011.