International Kirlian Research Association
Founded in 1975 with a membership of physicists, electrical
engineers, psychologists, parapsychologists, physicians, graduate
science students, interested individuals with advanced degrees,
and those engaged in scientific research. The association
hoped to advance research on Kirlian photography (electrography)
through multidisciplinary research or electromagnetic
interactions in biological and medical functions.
Kirlian photography is named for its inventor, Semyon Kirlian,
a Russian electrical engineer who developed a technique
of photographing objects without the use of cameras through
a high-voltage, high-frequency, low-amperage electrical discharge,
thus showing an aura around objects. The Kirlian aura
was frequently identified as the aura reportedly seen around individuals
by psychics and that was seen by Walter J. Kilner
through various optical effects.
The work of the association was blunted in the early 1980s
by a negative laboratory opinion on the more interesting Kirlian
effects that suggested they were caused by flawed experimental
controls. The association maintains a speakers bureau
and publishes Communications and Acta Electragrafica quarterly.
Address 2202 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11229.