International Society of Life Information
International Society of Life Information Science is a parapsychological
association established in Japan in the 1980s. It
grew out of earlier gatherings that were being held at both the
National Institute of Radiation of Japan and Tokyo Denki University.
Those conducting the meetings decided to combine
their efforts into a single organization. The founders’ interest
had originated in the spread of information on the body-mind
(including consciousness and spirit) interaction and the dissatisfaction
of some scientists in the limitations of science’s exploration
being confined to the physical world. Founders of the society
were attracted to new scientific data suggesting that
phenomena in the realm of consciousness or mind existed that
was as yet unexplained by conventional science.
The society set itself the tasks of gathering the information
currently available on the world of paranormal phenomena,
and conducting research on as yet undocumented phenomena
using a positive scientific methodology. It chose as topics of
special concerns such issues as qigong, oriental medicine, brain
physiology, emissions from human bodies, and psychophysical
phenomena. Theoretical considerations are focused upon the
underlying principles determining such phenomena and uncovering
information that is useful in science and technology.
The society publishes a biannual periodical, the Journal of
International Society of Life Information Science. It holds regular
lectures, a biannual symposium, and every few years an international
symposium. It also nurtures research being conducted by
its various members.
The society is headquartered at the Bio-Emission Laboratory,
Division of Radiation Research, National Institute of Radiological
Sciences, 9-1, Anagawa-4, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi 263-
8555, Japan. It has associated offices in China and the United
States. It supports an Internet page at http
International Society of Life Information Science. http May 20, 2000.