International UFO Reporter (Magazine)
International UFO Reporter (IUR) is the quarterly journal of
the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS). It was
launched in the mid-1980s as a newsletter for supporters of the
center which had been organized by J. Allen Hynek
(1910–1986) to focus scientific research on UFOs following the
devastating blow to the field delivered by the Condon Report.
Hynek, an astronomer at Northwestern University and former
consultant to the U. S. Air Force on UFOs, had concluded that
the Condon Report had been far from the final word on UFOs
and that further attention by scientists was needed. As one of
the few pro-UFO, he became a key person in the reestablishment
of UFO studies.
After several years during which the format and appearance
of IUR changed on several occasions under the editiorship of
Jerome Clark; in the 1980s a format was finally settled upon.
Each issue contains two to three lengthy articles reporting on
current research or discussing current issues, the 1990s being
dominated by discussions of UFO abductions. In discussing individual
UFO cases, IUR has shied away from simple reports
of UFO sightings to emphasize research of more formal investigations
of prominent incidents. Address 2457 W. Peterson,
Ave., Chicago, IL 60659.
International UFO Reporter. Chicago, n.d.

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