Irwin, H(arvey) J(on) (1943– )
Australian parapsychologist, senior lecturer in psychology at
the University of New England, Australia. Irwin was born on
September 8, 1943. He studied at Sydney University (B.Sc.,
1964; Dip.Ed., 1965), the University of New South Wales (B.A.,
1969), and the University of New England (Litt.B., 1972;
Ph.D., psychology, 1978). His dissertation was entitled Visual
Selective Attention and the Human Information Processing System
Structures, Processes, and Processing Interference in Visual Input Selection.
After graduation he was a senior tutor at the University
of New England. In 1985 joined the faculty in psychology as a
lecturer, a position that allowed him some freedom to teach in
the overlapping area between psychology and parapsychology.
His doctoral research concerned the nature of selective attention
in vision and its interpretation within an informationprocessing
framework. He has since explored the possibility of
accounting for the experiential properties of paranormal phenomena
in terms of information-processing theory. In recent
years he has also investigated the nature of out-of-the-body experiences.
He has published articles and several books on parapsychology
and psychology.
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