ISKCON Review (Journal)
Short-lived biannual interdisciplinary journal of the Bhaktivedanta
Institute of Religion and Culture. Founded in the
spring of 1985, its purpose was ‘‘to stimulate and communicate—as
well as to review—research and reflection on the Hare
Krishna movement in all its aspects. It is intended both for
those who have a direct interest in ISKCON, as well as for those
whose general interest in Hindu tradition, new religious movements,
or contemporary spirituality might be served by a deeper
awareness of the movement. It is directed towards a wide,
primarily academic and professional audience, including
Hindu studies, scholars, sociologists, and psychologists of religion,
students of American religious history, theologians, mental
health professionals, and clergy—as well as interested members
of ISKCON.’’
Although subsidized by the International Society for Krishna
Consciousness through the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust,
ISKCON’s publishing house, the Review had complete editorial
autonomy and was not an official publication of the Hare Krishna
movement. It served as a forum both for those committed
to ISKCON and for independent scholars and theologians.