Isle of Avalon Foundation
The Isle of Avalon Foundation was founded in 1991 as the
University of Avalon, an independent training center, in the
legendary community of Glastonbury, in England. The foundation
is not tied to any particular magical or Pagan group, but
attempts to draw upon the various strains of occultism associated
with the community. Most important is the tradition of the
Fraternity of the Inner Light founded early in the twentieth
century by Dion Fortune (1890–1946). The fraternity, born
amid the demise of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,
established a guest house near the Tor at Glastonbury that provided
a retreat for Fortune, who was often in tension with the
male-dominated magical community in London.
The Isle of Avalon Foundation also draws heavily on the tradition
that ties the area to the legends of the ancient Isle of Avalon.
These legends include references to Joseph of Arimathea,
who is believed by many to have brought the Holy Grail, the
cup used at the Last Supper by Jesus, to Glastonbury. From this
belief, the idea of the search for the Grail has entered popular
occult thinking. In addition, during the 1970s, Glastonbury became
one of England’s most prosperous New Age centers and
is believed to be a particular focus of esoteric and magical energies.

Founded as an independent study and spiritual educational
facility, the University of Avalon ran into problems with the
British government. Since it was not a recognized degreegranting
institution, it was forced to change its name. As the
Isle of Avalon Foundation, however, it has continued as a New
Age and magical teaching center offering a wide variety of
courses in the Sacred Arts and Sciences from spiritual healing
to numerology and shamanistic magic. It may be contacted at
33 Oldridge Rd., London SW12 8PN.
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