In Ultonian romance (the Ossianic stories of Ireland), the
king of the Wee Folk. One day he boasted of the might of his
strong man Glower, who could hew down a thistle at one blow.
His bard Eisirt retorted that beyond the sea there existed a race
of giants, any one of whom could annihilate a whole battalion
of the Wee Folk. Challenged to prove his words, Eisirt returned
with Creda, King Fergus’s dwarf and bard. He then dared Iubdan
to go to Fergus’s palace and taste the king’s porridge.
Iubdan and Bebo, his queen, arrived at the palace at midnight,
but while trying to get at the porridge so he could taste
it and be gone before daybreak, Iubdan fell in. He was found
in the pot the next morning by the scullions, and he and Bebo
were taken before Fergus, who after a while released them in
exchange for a pair of water shoes, which by wearing a man
could go over or under water as freely as on land.

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