Ivanova, Barbara (1917– )
Soviet psychic healer and parapsychologist. A former foreign-language
college instructor, she was also an educator, lecturer,
and author. She became known throughout the USSR for
her healing skills and attended many prominent officials. Her
techniques included conventional healing through holding her
hands close to the patient, but she also experimented with absent
healing, using telephone conversations as a contact with
the subject. During the conversation Ivanova attempted to visualize
the patient and the illness and form a mental healing process.
During such conversations she believed she visualized former
incarnations of the subject.
Ivanova became the first teacher of psychic healing in the
USSR. She both conducted experiments in telepathy and allowed
herself to be studied as a subject. She was an honorary
member of many parapsychological societies and journals (including
the editorial advisory board of Psi Research). She wrote
on a broad range of subjects, and her articles on parapsychology,
healing, human potential, and the interconnectedness in
living nature have appeared in many languages, including English,
German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Yiddish.
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