Jacobi, Jolande Szekacs (Mrs. Andrew
Jacobi) (1890– )
Psychologist and psychotherapist who wrote on parapsychology
in the context of Jungian psychology. Jacobi was born
on March 25, 1890, at Budapest, Hungary, and later studied at
the University of Vienna (Ph.D. psychology, 1938). She trained
as a psychotherapist with C. G. Jung from 1938 to 1943. In
1947 she joined the staff as a lecturer for the Institute for Applied
Psychology, University of Zürich, and the C. G. Jung Institute.
She published a number of articles on depth psychology,
Jungian psychology, and parapsychology, and she lectured
on such topics throughout Europe. She also contributed a
chapter, ‘‘Dream of the Oracle,’’ to the volume honoring Jung’s
eightieth birthday.
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