Jaegers, Beverly (1935– )
Beverly Jaegers, writer and psychic, was born on September
1, 1935, in St. Louis, Missouri, where she grew up. She attended
St. John’s University, from which she earned both her bachelor’s
and master’s degrees. She began writing in her high
school years, her first substantive product being a vampire
novel never published. Her first published work was a poem
she sold to a newspaper. She has subsequently authored more
than 20 books, most on topics related to her interest in psychic
experiences, but she has also written a cookbook and a volume
based upon her collection of historic fountain pens and inkwells.

Her interest in the psychic world emerged in the early
1960s. Unlike many psychics, she did not profess any childhood
psychic talents that spontaneously emerged. Rather, she
believes that psychic abilities can be learned and that she
gained her abilities through study and hard work. She also believes
that they can be used in everyday life on quite ordinary
concerns. In 1962–63, she learned remote viewing using methods
developed in the Soviet Union and soon afterward began
her career as a public psychic. Her beliefs that anyone can learn
to use hisher psychic abilities became the basis of her classes,
which she began to teach in 1968 in the St. Louis suburb of University
City. She subsequently became a popular teacher and
lecturer and has made a number of media appearances.
Besides her work as a psychic reader, Jaegers has gained notoriety
for her work in the stock markets and in crime detection.
She has professed an ability to predict changes in the market
and has had a variety of successes advising investors. On
several occasions she has proved more correct than professional
market analysts at predicting future directions. Jaegers also
organized a group of her students into the US Psi Squad that
has worked internationally assisting police with difficult criminal
cases. She has persisted in the defense of her work in this
area in spite of skeptical attacks upon its efficacy.
For many years, Jaegers has operated through Aries Productions,
a company she founded and headed as president
from 1976 to 1984.
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