Jahoda, Gustav (1920– )
Lecturer in social psychology who wrote on parapsychological
topics. He was born on October 11, 1920, in Vienna, Austria.
He took all of his degrees at London University, England
(B.S., 1945; M.S., 1948; Ph.D., 1952). After graduation Jahoda
taught for four years at the University College of Ghana (Gold
Coast), then became a senior lecturer in social psychology at
Glasgow University, Scotland. In addition to his various papers
on psychological, anthropological, and sociological subjects,
Jahoda wrote on the supernatural beliefs of West Africans. His
article ‘‘Emotional Stress, Mental Illness and Social Change’’
(International Journal of Social Psychiatry) describes West African
healers; his ‘‘Aspects of Westernization’’ (British Journal of Sociology)
analyzes West African belief in the paranormal.
Jahoda, Gustav. The Psychology of Superstition. New York J.
Aronson, 1974.
———. White Man A Study of the Attitudes of Africans to Europeans
Before Independence. London; New York Oxford University
Press, 1961.
Pleasants, Helene, ed. Biographical Dictionary of Parapsychology.
New York Helix Press, 1964.

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