Janet, Pierre (Marie Félix) (1859–1947)
French psychologist and neurologist noted for his research
on hysteria and neuroses. Janet was born on May 30, 1859, in
Paris. He studied at the École Normale and the École de Medecine,
Paris. He became a lecturer on philosophy at the lycées
of Chateauroux and The Hague, at the College Rollin, and at
the lycées Louis-le-Grand and Condorcet. From 1889 to 1898
he was director of the psychological laboratory of the Saltpêtrière
in Paris. He also lectured on psychology at the Sorbonne
and became professor of psychology at the Collège de France
in 1902. He published many important works on psychology
and hysteria. His work with French neurologist J. M. Charcot
includes a serious medical and scientific study of the phenomena
of hypnotism.
The scope of Janet’s influence in the world of psychology is
often compared to that of Freud. Janet remained active and
continued to lecture until his death on February 23, 1947.
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