Jarricot, Jean (1877–1962)
French homeopathic physician and experimenter in the
field of radiesthesia. Born July 14, 1877, at Saint Genis Laval,
Rhône, France, he studied at Lyon University. Jarricot was laboratory
director at the medical school of Lyon University and
was on the staff for medical research in pharmodynamics at St.
Rambert I’lle Barbe, Rhône.
He was honorary president of the Rhône Homeopathy Society;
an honorary member of Barcelona Medico-Homeopathic
Society; an associate member of the Hahnemanian Institute of
Brazil; and a laureate of the Académie Française (1960). His arJapanese
Society for Parapsychology Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
ticle ‘‘A quel cadre de reférences rattacher les faits de parapsychologie’’
(In what terms of reference should we consider
parapsychology) was published in La Tour Saint Jacques (May
1958). He died November 13, 1962.
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