Jean d’Arras (ca. 1387)
A French writer of the fourteenth century who compiled for
his patron Jean, duke of Berry, the Chronique de la princesse in
1387 from popular stories about the fairy Mélusine. Mélusine
was doomed to change into the form of a serpent every Saturday
unless she found a husband who would never see her on
Saturdays. She married Raymond of Poitiers of the house of
Lusignan. He was rich and powerful, and Mélusine was instrumental
in the building of the castle of Lusignan and other family
fortresses. One Saturday her husband was overcome by curiosity
and spied on her, whereupon she cried out and flew away
in serpent form. Thenceforth, the cry of Mélusine was said to
herald death in the family of Lusignan. (See also Banshee)