Jensen, Wiers (1866–1925)
Norwegian dramatist who was active in the field of psychical
research. Jensen was born on November 25, 1866, at Bergen,
Norway, and was educated at the University of Oslo. In addition
to his work as a playwright and an instructor at theaters in
Bergen and Oslo, he edited the journal Norsk Tidsskrift for
Psykisk Forksning, dealing with psychical research, from 1922 to
1925. His play Anne Pedersdotter is about a mediumistic woman
believed to be a witch.
Jensen made a special study of the phenomenon of the psychic
double as known in Norway and Scotland. His experiences
and those of other individuals were chronicled by Thorstein
Wereide in an article in Tomorrow in 1955. He died August 25,
1925. After Jensen’s death, communications believed to be
from him were received through the automatic writing of the
medium Ingeborg Dahl.
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New York Helix Press, 1964.
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