Jesus, Master
One of the masters originally contacted by Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. According
to theosophical teachings there exists a spiritual hierarchy
composed of individuals who have finished their round of
earthly reincarnations and have evolved to the spiritual planes,
from which they guide the affairs of humanity. Those members
of the hierarchy closest to humanity are the ‘‘lords of the seven
rays’’ (of the light spectrum). Each ray represents a particular
virtue, which the lord of that ray exemplifies.
The identity of Master Jesus is somewhat complicated in
Theosophical history. According to the Theosophical Society,
Master Jesus was not the same person as Jesus Christ. Rather,
he took embodiment as Apollonius of Tyana.
Master Jesus is the lord of the sixth ray of purity and fiery
devotion. As such he is the master of devotees, saints, and mystics
of every religious tradition. He is the guardian of the Christian
Church, founded by Maitreya (commonly known as Jesus
Christ). He was also incarnated as the Indian teacher Ramanujacharya,
who lived in the twelfth century. He currently inhabits
the body of a Syrian and lives in Lebanon among the Druse
people. Over the centuries his mission has been to found ‘‘magnetic
Through the twentieth century, most theosophical movements
have continued the original teachings tying Master Jesus
to Appolonius rather than Jesus Christ, but others have quietly
adopted an identification of the master with the ascended Jesus
Christ. Most prominently, that identification has been made in
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the I Am Movement and in groups that have roots in the I Am
Movement, such as the Church Universal and Triumphant.
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