Johnson, Mrs. Roberts (fl. ca. 1918)
Direct voice medium of Stockton-on-Tees, England. Her
powers developed after a sitting with Mrs. Thomas Everitt.
Her principal control claimed to be David Duguid, the former
trance painting medium of Glasgow.
A sitter at a séance held March 5, 1918, reported in Light as
‘‘I have never had two sittings alike with Mrs. Johnson. They
are marked each time by some different characteristic. On this
occasion, before each new speaker used the trumpet, I saw a
faintly-luminous figure moving about. Then, again, all the
voices were louder than is usual in ordinary conversation, so
much so, that Mrs. Johnson on more than one occasion asked
the male speakers to moderate their tone; otherwise neighbours
and pedestrians outside might be attracted by the unusual
noise. Most of our spirit visitors remained throughout the sitting,
and verbally called our attention to the fact. This was the
best direct-voice sitting which, so far, it has been my good fortune
to attend.’’
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle remarked on Johnson’s remarkable
power with direct voice phenomena, commenting on the
nonreligious atmosphere of her sittings with humorous spirit

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