Jones, Franklin Albert (1939– )
Currently known by his religious name Avatara Adi Da,
Franklin Jones is the founder of the Free Daist Communion,
an advaita vedanta community that has undergone a number
of changes since its founding in 1972. According to his own account,
Jones was a fully enlightened being who gave up that enlightenment
during the early years of this incarnation. As a
young man he attended Columbia University (B.A., 1961),
Stanford University (1961–62), and Lutheran Theological
Seminary in Philadelphia (1966–67). In 1962 he participated
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Jones, Franklin Albert
in some research on drugs at the Veterans Administration Hospital,
Mountain View, California, an event that stimulated his
recovery of his enlightened state.
In 1964 Jones sought out Swami Rudrananda (Albert Rudolph)
and in 1968 traveled to India to meet Swami Muktananda,
one of Rudrananda’s teachers. In the summer of 1970,
while meditating in the temple of the Vedanta Society in Hollywood,
California, he felt a ‘‘permanent reawakening.’’ He
founded the Dawn Horse Fellowship and began a public ministry
on April 25, 1972. His first book, The Knee of Listening, had
just appeared. The following year he severed his connection
with Muktananda and changed his name to Bubba Free John.
He gathered around him a small group of devoted students
with whom he worked in a somewhat intense fashion reminiscent
of Georgei I. Gurdjieff. Many of his teachings given orally
were transcribed and edited into books. In 1979 he withdrew
from this form of active teachings and changed his name to Da
(giver) Free John. He now saw his work as that of transmitting
the transcendental condition to his students. As a teacher of advaita
vedanta, he emphasized the unity and identity of the
human self with the Brahman, the soul of all things. He continued
to speak and write, and a steady flow of his books continued
to be published. He also largely withdrew from public presence
to an island in Fuji.
In the late 1980s he changed his name to Heart Master Da
Love Ananda (bliss) and to Da Avabhasa (the Bright). This period
has been accompanied by the release of those books that are
considered the most important of his earthly career, The Dawn
Horse Testament (1985) and Free Daism (1992), a presentation of
his mature religious perspective. Jones is also known by the
name Da Kalki.
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