Jones, Marc Edmund (1888–1980)
Well-known writer on occult and astrological subjects. Born
in St. Louis, Missouri, October 1, 1888, Jones was educated privately.
From 1911 to 1918 he was a pioneer motion picture
writer and the author of nearly 200 original screenplays. He
was ordained a minister of the United Presbyterian Church and
also founded the Sabian Assembly (concerned with solar mysteries).
Jones was founder of the Photoplay Authors’ League (later
renamed Screenwriters’ Guild of the Authors’ League of America).
He was a member of the Writers Club (New York), the Writers
(Hollywood), and Playwrights Club (New York). From 1922
on, he was a freelance writer and lecturer on metaphysical subjects;
and occasional professional psychological, lay psychoanalytical,
and astrological counselor. He was founder-editor of the
Message, to which he contributed regularly beginning in 1926.
He was an active proponent of New Thought and later in life
he conducted 36 correspondence courses averaging 40,000
words each. Jones died on March 5, 1980.
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