Jonsson, Olof (1918– )
Famous Swedish-born psychic who took part in telepathic
experiments with Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell during
Mitchell’s flight to the moon. Jonsson trained as an engineer
in Sweden, qualifying in 1941. He worked with various companies
and in 1946 was appointed to be a design engineer at the
Monarch motorcycle factory in Varberg. At this time his psychic
gifts (which had been evident in childhood) became more widely
manifested and he became known as ‘‘the psychic engineer’’
through his demonstrations of clairvoyance, telepathy, and
He was tested by parapsychologists in Sweden and Denmark.
He visited South America, Canada, China, Japan, and
Australia, studying paranormal phenomena among primitive
peoples. In 1953 J. B. Rhine of Duke University invited Jonsson
to the United States, where he was tested by parapsychologists
in such areas as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychometry,
and psychokinesis. His successful card guessing led
to his being chosen to participate in the Apollo 14 tests of ESP
with Edgar Mitchell during the three days before and after the
moon landing. The tests are described in detail by Mitchell in
the Journal of Parapsychology (June 1971). The results indicated
scoring significantly above chance expectation. However, for a
more skeptical view of claimed success, see the chapter ‘‘ESP in
Outer Space’’ in Mediums, Mystics, and the Occult, by Milbourne
Christopher (1975).
Among other psychic achievements, Jonsson is said to have
elucidated 13 murder cases after visiting the scenes of the
crimes and to have located three missing women. He was also
supposed to have predicted accurately the time and place of
death of Nasser and De Gaulle.
Steiger, Brad. The Psychic Feats of Olof Jonsson. New York
Popular Library, 1971.

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