Joseph Plan Foundation
The Joseph Plan Foundation was created in 1993 by Tara
Singh, one of the more popular teachers of A Course in Miracles,
a work channeled in the 1960s by Dr. Helen Schucman,
a psychiatrist living in New York City. Published in the mid1970s,
A Course in Miracles became possibly the single most
popular channeled work issued during the period of the New
Age Movement. During the 1980s, a number of teachers
emerged as commentators on the course.
Raised in India, Tara Singh became a practitioner of yoga
and a monk. During the 1970s he spent five years in a silent retreat
in Carmel, California. Soon after he ended the retreat, he
discovered A Course in Miracles and in 1979 met Schucman.
They had a number of visits in the two years prior to her death
in 1981. Singh began to offer workshops on A Course in Miracles
and to create a perspective drawing upon his appropriation of
both Hinduism and the Western idealistic philosophical tradition
represented by such thinkers as Ralph Waldo Emerson. A
Course in Miracles has been seen as a contemporary restatement
of the New Thought metaphysical tradition, and Emerson as
providing the tradition its philosophical basis.
For many years Singh offered his workshops and lectures
under the aegis of the Foundation for Life Action, which has
been superseded by the Joseph Plan Foundation. Singh has
also authored a number of popular books, including Awakening
a Child from Within (1991), A Gift for All Mankind (1993), and Exploring
A Course in Miracles (1996). Most of Singh’s materials, including
a number of audiocasettes, have been published by his
Life Action Press.
The Joseph Plan Foundation may be contacted at P.O. Box
481228, Los Angeles, CA 90048. It has a website at http
Joseph Plan Foundation. May
17, 2000.
Singh, Tara. Awakening a Child from Within. Los Angeles Life
Action Press, 1991.
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