Joy Touch
Joy Touch is a meditationhealing technique developed by
brain scientist Pete Sanders. Sanders graduated from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology in the mid-1970s with majors
in medical chemistry and brain science. He turned down
the opportunity to attend Harvard Medical School to engage
in independent research in mind-body potentials. In 1980 he
settled in Sedona, Arizona, and opened Free Soul Mind Body
Education. Drawing on his knowledge of the brain, he searched
for ways to tap what he saw as the unlimited potential of the individual.
He explored and taught a wide variety of healing
techniques, including various means of cardiovascular stress reduction,
and access to the body’s psychic reception areas and
what he termed ‘‘energy blending’’ for gaining a sense of oneness
with the soul and beyond. He summarized these discoveries
in a first book, You Are Psychic! (1990).
Beginning in the late 1980s, he turned his attention to solving
the problem of emotional stress and its role in reducing
human happiness. He discovered a meditation method for directly
stimulating what he terms the body’s joy center.
The joy touch technique leads to what Sanders believes is a
mental ‘‘triggering [of] the septal nuclei of the septum pellucidum
area of the brain.’’ For the person performing the operation,
it is quite simple and draws on familiar biofeedback processes.

Sanders may be contacted at his center, Free Soul, at P.O.
Box 1762, Sedona, AZ 86339. His Internet site is located at The center has been located in Sedona
to make use of the stimulation for successful meditation
provided by the psychic vortexes believed to be located there.
Sanders publishes the various techniques he uses in his books,
but invites people to his center to experience them in the context
of the vortexes. He also trains others who wish to teach
Sanders, Peter A., Jr. Access Your Brain’s Joy Center The Free
Soul Method. Sedona, Ariz. Free Soul, 1997.
———. You Are Psychic! The Free Soul Method. Greenwich,
Conn. Fawcett, 1990.

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