Judd, Pearl (1908–1967)
Direct voice medium of Dunedin, New Zealand, who held
séances in a well-lighted room or in daylight with remarkable
manifestations, as described in Clive Chapman’s book The Blue
Room (1927).
In Psychic Research (November 1930) psychical researcher
Harry Price quoted the testimony of W. P. Gowland, professor
of anatomy and neurologist at the Medical School, Dunedin.
Gowland witnessed the levitation of heavy tables and the playing
of a specified tune on an ordinary piano when three people
Journal of the American Society for Psychical . . . Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
were sitting on the closed and locked lid. He also heard invisible
instruments and many voices.
An entity named ‘‘Sahnaei,’’ who first manifested in 1923,
stated he was an Arab who had lived hundreds of years before.
Sahnaei appeared to be in charge of a band of communicators
including ‘‘Captain Trevor,’’ ‘‘Ronald,’’ ‘‘George Thurston,’’
‘‘Charlie,’’ ‘‘Grace,’’ ‘‘Oliver,’’ ‘‘Jack,’’ and ‘‘Vilma.’’ Judd’s
uncle, Clive Chapman, was also a medium and was present at
the most impressive séances. These were held in a blue room,
hence the title of Chapman’s book. Pearl Judd retired some
years after publication of the book. Chapman died August 10,
1967, at age 84.

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