Judith, Anodea (1952– )
Anodea Judith, Pagan priestess and former president of the
Church of All Worlds, was born Judith Ann Mull on December
1, 1952, in Elyria, Ohio. She was raised in the Church of Christ,
Scientist, but rejected Christianity as a teenager. She entered
Clark University with the idea of becoming a therapist, but did
not like the concentration on academic psychology as opposed
to training in counseling. She dropped out, became an artist
and moved to California in 1973. In 1974 she began a course
of study at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.
The year 1975 became a turning point in her life. She radically
changed her lifestyle which included becoming a vegetarian,
stopping smoking, practicing yoga, and engaging in fasts.
Along the way she had a vivid out-of-body experience in which
she saw a book on the chakras (the sense organs of the spiritual
body as conceived in tantric thought) written by herself. She
began to teach workshops and classes in the San Francisco Bay
area on such topics as yoga, the aura, and psychology. She also
spent a significant amount of time by herself in the backwoods,
and as she attuned herself to nature she changed her name to
Anodea Judith. As she was going through this change, she read
Zsusanna Budapest’s Feminist Book of Light and Shadows and met
Tim Zell (now known as Oberon G’Zell), the founder of the pioneering
Neo-Pagan organization, the Church of All Worlds.
Through the church she received some consciousness of the
changes she was undergoing and came to see herself as a
Judith quickly became a leader in the Church of All Worlds
and worked with Gwydion Pedderwen (1946–1982) on the development
of Annfin, the church’s sanctuary. In 1978 she settled
in Berkeley and became involved in a number of Pagan activities.
She assisted Isaac Bonewits with the publication of
Pentalpha, the Druid journal. She worked with author Marion
Zimmer Bradley in the Aquarian Order of the Restoration. Professionally
she gradually gave up her art to concentrate on bodywork
(including bioenergetics and massage) and healing. In
1983 she founded Lifeways, the educational arm of the Church
of All Worlds. In 1984, having been named a steward of Annfin,
she moved there for 18 months, after which she returned to
Berkeley to complete her first book, published in 1987 as
Wheels of Life A User’s Guide to the Chakra System.
In 1988 she married Richard Ely, a Pagan, and they have
developed an open marriage within the context of the free sexuality
espoused by the Church of All Worlds. In the late 1980s
Judith served a term as the church’s president. Through the
1990s she has worked as a psychological counselor, having
completed her degree in metaphysical psychology at the Rosebridge
Graduate School of Integrative Therapy, and continues
to write.
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