Julia’s Bureau
A public institution founded by William T. Stead in 1909 in
London for free communication with ‘‘the beyond.’’ Visitors
were allowed to have three sittings with three different mediums
to experience communication. Shorthand records were
kept. For distant inquirers, psychometric readings were given.
Robert King, Alfred Vout Peters, Mrs. Wesley Adams, J. J.
Vango, and Etta Wriedt were employed as mediums. In its
three years’ existence about 1,300 sittings were given; running
the bureau cost Stead about £1,500 a year.
The idea for the bureau was suggested to Stead in his own
automatic scripts by the spirit of ‘‘Julia A. Ames,’’ an American
journalist, who was his constant communicator. In 1914 the
work of Julia’s Bureau was taken up by a new organization, the
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Julia’s Bureau
W. T. Stead Borderland Library, founded by Estelle W. Stead
along the lines of other Spiritualist societies.

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