Kahn, Ludwig (ca. 1925)
German clairvoyant whose faculty of ‘‘lucidity’’ in reading
sealed messages created a sensation in Paris in 1925. In 1925
and 1926 he appeared in Paris before the Institut Métapsychique.
In the presence of a distinguished gathering of scientists,
he held a pellet reading session during which he read the
contents of 11 mixed pellets.
When his residence permit in France was expiring he went
with a letter of introduction from Charles Richet to the commissioner
of police. Richet, in the letter, argued that Kahn’s
stay in France was desirable from a scientific point of view, to
which the commissioner replied that he would extend the permit
if Kahn proved his lucidity to him. When Kahn convinced
the commissioner of his powers he received the permit.
The literature concerning Kahn is summarized by E. J.
Dingwall in an article in the 1926 Journal of the Society for Psychical
Osty, E. ‘‘Un Homme doué de connaissance paranormale
M. Ludwig Kahn.’’ Revue Métapsychique (March–April,
May–June, 1925).

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