Kaiser, A. W. (1876– )
American direct voice medium of Detroit, Michigan,
through whom ‘‘Blackfoot’’ and ‘‘Leota,’’ both Native Americans,
and ‘‘Dr. Jenkins,’’ spoke as his chief controls. Some messages
received through Kaiser were purportedly from the spirits
of Sir Isaac Newton and from psychical researcher Richard
Hodgson, who had died in 1905. Kaiser did not go into trance.
Vice-Admiral W. Usborne Moore sat with Kaiser in Detroit in
1909 and in 1911. Moore described Kaiser as ‘‘an honest,
manly young fellow . . . good to the poor, and admits many
without payment.’’ He commented, ‘‘There is not a doubt in my
mind that Mr. Kaiser is a true psychic.’’
Moore, W. Usborne. Glimpses of the Next State. N.p., 1911.

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