Kappers, Jan (1914– )
Dutch physician who was active in the field of parapsychology.
He was born on July 30, 1914, at Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
He took his medical degree at the University of Leiden
(M.D., 1938). After several years as a medical officer with the
Netherlands army (1938–40) he entered private practice in
Amsterdam. Kappers also devoted much of his spare time to
psychical research. In 1955 he became a board member of the
Foundation for the Investigation of Paranormal Healing, and
in 1959 he became the research officer of the Amsterdam
Foundation for Parapsychological Research. He also served as
president of the Parapsychological Circle, Amsterdam. In 1959
Kappers set up the Amsterdam Foundation for Parapsychological
Research in order to facilitate funding.
Kappers joined the board of the Studievereniging voor
Psychical Research (the Dutch Society for Psychical Research)
in 1958. He participated in a heated controversy regarding the
organization’s autocratic president. He and others left the society
in 1960 and Kappers became the first president of the
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parapsychologie.
Kappers was associated with Arie Mak, F. van der Berg and
A. H. de Jong in investigating clairvoyance with an apparatus
devised by Mak. A report on this project was published in Tijdschrift
voor Parapsychologie (1957). Kappers also undertook a statistical
evaluation of astrological findings, an inquiry into spontaneous
paranormal phenomena in Amsterdam, and a study of
paranormal events among subjects using hallucinogens. He
edited the bimonthly journal Spiegel der Parpsychologie, to which
he also contributed articles.
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