Kepler College of Astrological Arts and
The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences
emerged in the 1990s as one of the most ambitious projects of
the contemporary astrological revival and an important activity
to return astrology into the mainstream of Western culture. As
envisioned, Kepler College is to be a four-year liberal arts college
that will have an entire curriculum, from astronomy to hisEncyclopedia
of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences
tory, based on astrology and that will, in addition, grant degrees
in astrology. Kepler is creating a curriculum that will
reintegrate astrological concepts into all of the humanities,
arts, and sciences. The college is scheduled to accept its first
students in the year 2000. As designed, Kepler will be a professional
school that will train those who are focused on building
a career as an astrologer and will provide those already practicing
with additional professional skills in business, science, education,
and other related areas.
Heading the project to create Kepler is astrologer Joanne
Wickenburg, who serves as chairperson of the board of trustees.
She is assisted by a ten-member board of astrologers and educators
sympathetic to astrology. The board has also assembled
a large advisory council that includes a number of the most important
leaders in the astrological community, including Steven
Forrest, the chairperson, Donna Cunningham, Zipporah
Dobyns, Demetra George, Robert Hand, Marion March, and
Noel Tyl.
Even as classes open, it is recognized that the faculty, student
body, and full curriculum will take time to develop. Many
of the potential students, especially among people already into
their professional career, will be unable to drop their work and
return to school. Thus, in the spring of 2000, the first of the
quarterly seven-day symposia was held. Each quarter students
will be invited to the college for intensive study, which in combination
with participation in the Distance Learning Program,
students may use to work toward their bachelor’s degree. Ongoing
contact with students continues through the Internet.
Kepler College is located at 4630 200th St. S.W., Ste. L-1,
Lynnwood, WA 098036. It has an Internet presence at http
Kepler College. March 15,

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