King, Bruce (1897–1976)
A modern tycoon of astrology who used the pseudonym
Zolar. Born in Chicago, King became an actor, stockbroker,
and eventually part owner of a radio station in Los Angeles.
The station had an astrologer named Kobar as general manager,
and King was impressed with his financial success. In the
same week that Kobar left the station to go to Hollywood, another
astrologer demonstrated a dime-in-the-slot horoscope
machine to King. The two men went into partnership in the Astrolograph
Company, putting the machines in movie theaters.
King later conceived the idea of making horoscopes for
chain stores and established a highly successful business. It was
then that he took the pseudonym Zolar, derived from the word
zodiac with echoes of ‘‘Kobar.’’ He later sold approximately 100
million horoscopes and published a variety of popular books
on astrology and occultism.
King died January 16, 1976.
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