King, George (1919–1997)
George King, a prominent flying saucer contactee of the
1950s and founder of the Aetherius Society, was born in Shropshire,
England, on January 23, 1919. He was raised in the
Church of England but was attracted to the study of psychic
phenomena and Spiritualism as a young man. He was able to
demonstrate his own psychic abilities and also launched into
the practice of yoga. As he matured, he found himself most interested
in spiritual healing. Then in May of 1954 he heard a
voice speak to him, ‘‘Prepare yourself! You are to become the
voice of the Interplanetary Parliament.’’
King claimed to have come into telepathic contact with an
extraterrestrial entity named Master Aetherius, who in 1955
named him the primary terrestrial mental channel. Out of his
regular contacts (by what is currently termed ‘‘channeling’’)
with Masters Aetherius and the Master Jesus, he founded the
Aetherius Society. He also began a magazine, Cosmic Voice. He
maintained regular contact with the Great White Brotherhood,
the group of evolved beings charged with guiding
Earth’s evolution. King came to understand that the Earth was
in the midst of a cosmic war between a set of ‘‘black magicians’’
seeking to enslave humanity and the brotherhood who opposed
them. He and the members of the society participated
in this battle by channeling spiritual energy to particular purposes.

Through the next two decades, King channeled more than
600 transmissions from the masters of the Great White Brotherhood,
including a 1958 book from the Master Jesus, believed
to be a Venusian. The Twelve Blessings is thought of as a continuation
of the Sermon on the Mount. He also began Operation
Starlight, which took him around the world to 18 mountainous
locations. At each site he was directed to charge the mountain
with spiritual power that could then be accessed by anyone visiting
the site. Operation Starlight lasted for three years.
On the heels of Operation Starlight, King concentrated on
methods of involving members in the cosmic war. A student of
radionics, he created several radionic devices, which are believed
to be especially efficient in receiving, storing, and transmitting
spiritual and cosmic energy. The use of these devices,
which have been improved steadily over the years, is ongoing,
but at particular times during King’s life, he directed members
King, Cecil (Harmsworth) Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
to concentrate on particular targets. These efforts, termed missions,
were designed to win a particular battle in the cosmic
war. Operation Bluewater, for example, was directed to the
healing of the Earth along the California coast and is seen as
having prevented a major West Coast earthquake. Operation
Prayer Tower, inaugurated in 1973, established a system for directing
prayer energy to any place on Earth where a natural catastrophe
had occurred.
In the 1980s, King accepted consecration as a bishop from
Richard Earl Quinn of the Independent Liberal Catholic
Church, a theosophically oriented jurisdiction, and was from
that time considered the archbishop of the Aetherius churches.
He also received a number of titles from various chivalric organizations.
The aging archbishop led the society until his death
on July 12, 1997.
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