King, Jani (1940– )
Jani King, the channel for an entity named P’taah, was born
in New Zealand in the 1940s and grew up in a rural area near
Putararu. After finishing high school she took a number of jobs
that allowed her to travel. Then in 1989, in Australia, she went
to hear a psychic channel named Azena Ramanda, who channeled
an entity named St. Germain. Her conversation with St.
Germain allowed her to integrate several unusual experiences
from her early life in perspective. About this same time, she
also read a new book to which she had been drawn, Whitley
Stieber’s Communion.
In 1961 she had had an encounter with a beautiful being in
a brilliant glowing body. In the years since she had experienced
a number of UFO sightings and telepathic contact with whales
and dolphins. St. Germain confirmed that King had been abducted
in 1947, taken aboard a spacecraft, and given a medical
examination. The being she had seen in 1961 was an extraterrestrial.
King came to know this person as a resident of the constellation
known as the Pleiades.
Within a short time, P’taah, the Pleiadian who had been in
touch with her through the years, began to speak through her
and in 1989 she made her first appearances as a channel. In the
fall of 1991, in North Queensland, Australia, a group of people
gathered weekly for a set of channeling sessions with P’taah in
which he laid out his basic teachings and answered a spectrum
of questions from those in attendance. These became the basis
of an initial book, An Act of Faith (1991).
P’taah suggested that extraterrestrials, star people, had
been coming to Earth for many centuries and their visits had
been remembered in Earth’s mythology. The star people were
humanoid, but differed from Earth people in that they remembered
their divine nature. Earth people had forgotten who they
were. They had come to believe that they lived but one short
life on Earth when in fact they had reincarnated many times.
He also spoke of coming changes described as the flowering of
the Goddess energy on Earth.
Through the 1990s, King emerged as one of Australia’s
most prominent post-New Age channels. She regularly channels
P’taah for both individuals and groups, travels widely in
North America and Europe, and leads retreats in Australia. Recent
channeled messages regularly appear in Sedona Journal
of Emergence (in the United States) and Elohim (in Australia).
Her Internet presence can be found at
King, Jani. The Gift. Perth Triad Publishers, 1996.
———. The P’taah Tapes An Act of Faith. Perth Triad Publishers,
———. The P’taah Tapes Transformation of the Species. Light
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