Kirkwood, Annie (1937– )
Annie Kirkwood, a contemporary channel, was born Annie
Marie DeLeon in 1937 in Fort Worth, Texas. As a young
woman, she married and had three children, all sons. In 1965
she became a licensed vocational nurse. In 1985 she married
Byron Ray Kirkwood (1946– ), an electrical engineer, like
her, the parent of children from a previous marriage. He is the
president of CompuRep, a company that represents businesses
in the computernetworking field.
During the 1980s, Annie Kirkwood began to read New Age
literature and was especially impressed with the writings of
Ruth Montgomery. She also became concerned with the coming
changes predicted for the planet and how she might act so
that her family might get through them in the best way. At a
bookstore, her attention was caught by a volume, The God-Mind
Connection by Jean Foster, in which Foster’s contact with some
noncorporeal entities known as the ‘‘Brotherhood’’ are described
as well as instructions on channeling.
Kirkwood began her own attempts to communicate with the
Brotherhood through a process she called cosmic dictation,
generally referred to as automatic writing. After some initial
difficulties, she made contact with the Brotherhood and came
to identify them with the biblical Holy Spirit, whom Jesus left
when He returned to heaven as counselors for believers. The
various entities in the Brotherhood do not use any personal
identities they once might have had. Early in her messages, the
Brotherhood instructed her to gather her family together,
teach them to pray and meditate, and begin weekly family
meetings. Each week she received material for these gatherings.
The family members were invited to discuss problems and
ask questions aimed at assisting all to get through the times
Shortly after she established contact, an entity who identified
herself as Mary the Mother of Jesus came through with a
message for the world that she wished to communicate through
Kirkwood. Over a four-year period (1987–1991), Kirkwood received
brief daily messages from Mary (in addition to the ones
from the Brotherhood) that she later compiled into a book,
Mary’s Message to the World. That book, published in 1992, became
a post-New Age bestseller. Two years later she compiled
the material from the Brotherhood as Messages to Our Family
from the Brotherhood, Mary and Jesus, as a manual for development.
The teachings consist of a metaphysical and mystical approach
to Christianity not unlike that offered by the Unity
School of Christianity or A Course in Miracles.
In the wake of the success of her first book, Kirkwood and
her husband began B&A Products, a company to distribute
spiritual books and products for emergency preparedness.
Meanwhile, she continues to receive messages from the Brotherhood.
Kirkwood, Annie. Mary’s Message to the World. Nevada City,
Calif. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1992.
———, and Byron Kirkwood. Messages to Our Family from the
Brotherhood, Mary and Jesus. Nevada City, Calif. Blue Dolphin
Publishing, 1994.

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