In the Kabala, the higher magical influence. It was divided
into two branches, an elementary and a spiritual, and included
exorcism. Sometimes Kischuph exhibited a striking resemblance
to the witchcraft of medieval times. Sorcerers were said
to change themselves into animals and travel long distances in
a very short time. They might also induce pain, disease, and
death in men and animals.
Further allied to witches were the ‘‘women who make a contract
with the Schedim, and meet them at certain times, dance
with them, and visit these spirits who appear to them in the
shape of goats.’’ In many countries such women were killed.
This form of Kischuph is true sorcery. The other form, material
Kischuph, consists of disturbing influences on the natural elements
produced by exciting false ‘‘rapports’’ in various substances.