Kiss, Bewitchment by a
Florence Newton, a notorious Irish witch of the seventeenth
century, was on several occasions accused of bewitching people
by means of a kiss. The first was a maid who refused alms to her.
About a week later the witch kissed her violently, from which
time the servant suffered from fits and was transported from
place to place, first being carried mysteriously to the top of the
house, then being placed between two feather beds, and so on.
The witch was also said to have caused the death of David
Jones, who stood sentinel over her in prison, by kissing his
hand, and by the same means brought about the death of the
children of three aldermen of Youghall, county Cork. Newton
was tried at Cork Assizes in 1661.
Seymour, St. John. Irish Witchcraft and Demonology. 1913. Reprint,
New York Causeway Books, 1973.

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