Klinckowstroem, Graf Carl von (1884–1969)
German research scientist who wrote about water divining
and other parapsychological subjects. He was born on August
26, 1884, at Potsdam, Germany. Klinckowstroem attended the
University of Munich, where he studied physics, philosophy,
psychology, and history. He was a corresponding member of
the Society for Psychical Research, London, from 1928 on
and an honorary member of Deutscher Erfinder-Verband, Nuremberg.
As an amateur conjuring magician he was critical of
many claims of psychical phenomena. He was particularly
skeptical of astrology and witchcraft, but was also critical of
parapsychology. He gathered data on fraudulent mediums and
attacked flaws in the research of Baron Schrenk-Notzing.
Klinckowstroem published several books on science, such as
the 1959 volume Geschichte der Technik (History of Technology)
and a variety of books on paranormal subjects.
He died August 29, 1969.
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