Kloppenburg, Boaventura (1919– )
Professor of theology and Franciscan priest who studied
Spiritism in Brazil. He was born on November 2, 1919, at Molbergen
(Oldenburg), Germany, and studied at the Antonianum
University, Rome (D.Th., 1950). Besides his books on Spiritualism,
Kloppenburg wrote pamphlets on Theosophy and the
Rosicrucians in Brazil.
Kloppenburg, Boaventura. O Espiritismo no Brasil (Spiritism
in Brazil). Petropolis Editoria Vozes, 1964.
———. A Maçonario no Brasil (Masonry in Brazil). 4th ed.
N.p., 1961.
———. Nossas Superstiçoes (Our Superstitions). N.p., 1959.
———. O Reencarnacionismo no Brasil (Reincarnationism in
Brazil). Petropolis Editoria Vozes, 1961.
———. Pastoral Practice and the Paranormal. Translated by
Paul Burns. Chicago Franciscan Herald Press, 1979.
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New York Helix Press, 1964.

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