Knight, Gareth (1930– )
Gareth Knight, a contemporary ritual magician, was born in
Colchester, England. As a young man he became interested in
the occult and began studying with the Fraternity of the Inner
Light, the organization founded by Dion Forture (1890–1946)
after her break with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
Over the next six years he worked his way through the curriculum
and was initiated into the higher mysteries in 1959. He
also worked as the fraternity’s librarian. In 1962 he launched
a periodical, New Dimensions, and began work on his first book,
A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism (1965).
Through the mid-1960s he became dissatisfied with the Society
of the Inner Light, now in the hands of Fortune’s students,
and he resigned. He relocated to Gloucestershire and along
with another former fraternity member, William E. Butler,
started a publishing house, Helios Books, and to launch a new
course of study in magic, the Helios Course. Knight also became
friends with a Christian priest whose reflections on Christianity
highly influenced Knight’s next book, Experience of the
Inner World (1975).
In 1972, Butler and Knight went their separate ways. Under
Butler’s care, the Helios Course developed into the curriculum
of the Servants of the Inner Light. In 1973 Knight founded a
new esoteric school, informally known as the Gareth Knight
Group, also based on the Society of the Inner Light, and began
again to issue New Dimensions, which three years later transformed
into Quadriga, a periodical primarily circulated among
Knight’s students. New students were trained through a correspondence
course. After some years, as the core of the group
began work at an increasingly advanced level, the teaching
work was closed and it transformed into a working magical
group now known as the Avalon Group.
Knight returned to teaching in 1987 with a tarot correspondence
course, later published as a book, The Magical World of
the Tarot (1996). In 1991 he accepted the invitation of the Society
of the Inner Light to edit Dion Fortune’s letters from the
World War II era. He followed with work on a unique volume,
An Introduction to Ritual Magic (1997). The volume consists of
chapters written by Fortune (drawn from previously unpublished
material) and an equal number of chapters written by
Knight. He rejoined the Society of the Inner Light in 1998 and
has been participating in its reorganization.
Knight has his own home page on the Internet, http
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