Knight, JZ (1946– )
Channel of ‘‘Ramtha,’’ a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit from
the lost continent of Atlantis, and head of Ramtha’s School of
Enlightenment. JZ Knight was born Judith Darlene Hampton
on March 16, 1946, in Dexter, New Mexico. She grew up in
poverty and was unable to go to college; after high school she
married and became the mother of two children. The marriage
ended when she became unwilling to continue to countenance
her husband’s alcoholism and infidelity. She became a
businesswoman and her career led her eventually to Tacoma,
Washington, and a second marriage. Along the way, a cryptic
psychic reading told her that one day she would meet ‘‘the
One.’’ She did not understand, for several years, but the words
proved true when in 1977 she encountered Ramtha.
Ramtha appeared to her one Sunday afternoon in 1977.
Shortly thereafter he began to speak through her and there was
an immediate response from people who attended her initial
sessions as a channel. After she became relatively comfortable
as a channel, she began channeling Ramtha regularly in weekend
‘‘dialogues’’ held at various locations around the United
States. Knight eventually took the dialogues to Canada, England,
Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. In the 1980s
she became the most successful of the channels that grew up
around the New Age movement.
In 1987 she discontinued the dialogues and opened
Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment in Yelm, Washington, on
land previously used as a ranch. Many of the students moved
to northeast Washington and have gathered periodically in the
years since for more systematic teaching by Ramtha, who continues
to speak through Knight. Approximately three thousand
students are connected with the school.
During the early years of the school, Knight went through
a period of intense criticism from the media, largely caused by
the obvious success and built around the criticisms of former
followers of Ramtha’s teachings. About that same time, Knight
released her own autobiography. The negative publicity continued
into the 1990s, in large part occasioned by the breakup
of her marriage to Jeff Knight, who contested the terms of their
divorce and charged that the guru used mind-control tricks.
However, these issues have been largely decided in Knight’s
favor and the school has continued to grow and prosper.
Over the years of the dialogues, transcripts of Ramtha’s talks
were compiled and published, and several videotapes of dialogue
sessions were released. While these cover some major
themes in Ramtha’s teachings, a more systematic presentation
of Ramtha’s basic philosophy and instruction on the spiritual
disciplines is currently available only to students of the school.
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